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Project CB005.2.12.116 „Joint Nature Protection“

Joint protection for nature

Project Partners:

  • Sungurlare Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria – Lead Partner
  • Suloglu Municipality, Republic of Turkey – Partner 2


Specific objective: “Improving the capacity for nature conservation, sustainable use and management of common natural resources through cooperation initiatives in the cross-border area”

  • Start date of the project: 14.09.2019
  • Project end date: 13.09.2021
  • Total project budget: 383 552,20 EUR
  • EU co-financing: 306 809,36 EUR.

The project is aimed at improving the natural state of the Natura 2000 protected areas “Kotlenska Mountain” BG 0002029 and “Gorna Luda Kamchia” BG 0000136 in Sungurlare Municipality, as well as the “Kovankaya” Protected Area in the Sulloglu Municipality by performing conservation conservation activities of nature.

Project goals:

  • Conservation of nature and improvement of the status of Natura 2000 sites and coastal environments in the cross-border region;
  • Improving the conservation status of natural habitats and species in the Sungurlare and Süloglu municipalities through cooperative initiatives;
  • Improving the capacity for nature conservation in the Sungurlare and Suloglu municipalities by exchanging know-how and participating in a joint nature conservation roundtable;
  • Raising awareness among the local population, stakeholders and students about nature conservation and the sustainable use and management of common natural resources.

Target groups of the project:

Residents of Sungurlare and Süloglu Municipalities /// Tourists and visitors in both municipalities

Project activities:

  • Activity 1. Project management:
    • Appointment of a project team from both municipalities;
    • Conducting joint meetings of the project team;
    • Successful implementation and reporting of the project.
  • Activity 2. Purchase of specialized equipment for nature conservation in Sungurlare and Suloglu
    • Sungurlare Municipality: dump truck, mini wheel loader with mulch and drill, branch crusher;
    • Suloglu Municipality: excavator and dump truck.

  • Activity 3. Implementation of conservation activities for nature conservation in the Sungurlare Municipality – the lands of Beronovo, Vesenkovo and Velislav villages:
    • Improvement of the current state of the natural habitat 91MO “Balkan-Pannonian Cero-Gorun forests” and transformation of its conservation status from “Unfavorable – unsatisfactory” to “Favorable”;
    • Loosening the soil;
    • Cleaning shrubs and harmful vegetation;
    • Planting of 40,000 saplings of tsar and bogan in the area of 60 decares in order to preserve the area of 91MO natural habitat;
    • Installation of 20 bird houses nesting in trees characteristic of 91MO natural habitat;
    • Exchange of experience with experts from the Turkish side.
  • Activity 4. Implementation of conservation activities for nature conservation in the Municipality of Suloglu:
    • Cleaning the Suloglu river bed;
    • Afforestation of an area of 88,000 m2 with 10,000 saplings, fast growing willow, clear and brimstone to prevent erosion;
    • Improving the riparian environment of the river;
    • Exchange of experience with experts from the Bulgarian side.

  • Activity 5. Joint awareness campaign “Protecting Nature from All”:
    • Development of a Joint Handbook for Nature Conservation;
    • Holding a Roundtable meeting on Nature Conservation in Sungurlare;
    • Development and dissemination of information materials for nature conservation.
  • Activity 6. Joint school campaign for nature conservation:
    • Lectures on nature conservation at schools in Sungurlare and Sulloglu;
    • Holding a joint competition for nature conservation among students from Sungurlare and Süloglu with essays / collages / photos, etc..;
    • Planting of trees in Sungurlare and Suloglu by the winners of the competition.
  • Activity 7. Communication and visualization:
    • Organization of press conferences in Sungurlare and Suloglu;
    • Development of a project website and Facebook page;
    • Development of promotional materials for the project.